Spring Cleaning the Garden



As the first snowdrops open and the occasional daffodil pops up we slowly say goodbye to the winter and welcome spring into our gardens. With the days getting slowly warmer it’s the perfect time for spring cleaning the garden ready for the coming seasons. Here are a few tips to keep your garden in tip top condition at this time of year, even when the cold spells creep back in.


Take care of cold snaps

Look out for new growth on plants and protect where possible when a cold spell is forecast. Protect non-frost resistant pots like terracotta using bubble wrap, hessian or garden fleece and group potted plants in a sheltered south facing position to add further protection.   Check any plants for signs of frost damage such as brown or black patches and treat with an organic fertiliser boost. Try to resist crunching over frosty grass too much as this can also damage it.


Spring clean beds and borders

Remove leaves and debris from flower beds, lawns and ponds, cut back herbaceous perennials and if the soil isn’t too hard turn over the top layer with some good organic matter such as manure, compost or green waste.


Give your greenhouse a good scrub

To prepare for the endless trays of seedlings your greenhouse will soon be home to, so give the whole space a good clean up now whilst its still fairly empty. Sweep out any debris and disinfect benches and glass with a disinfectant specially developed for the garden. Wash out seed trays and give the greenhouse a good airing for a couple of days to allow it to dry out.


Shop for summer seeds

A number of summer plants need seeding in early spring so now is the perfect time (especially if it’s wet out) to order summer flowering bulbs and vegetable seeds. For more information on what delights can be sown this time of year visit:




Fix fencing

After a winter of winds and rain now is a perfect time to have a good look at fencing and trellising and fix any broken or unstable areas. On a dry day it can also be treated or painted ready to be enjoyed during the spring sunshine.




Prune and prepare plants

Roses, wisteria and fruit trees like apple and pear can be cut back during these dormant months ready for new grow, old stems from perennials can be cut back, avoiding any new growth and remove any dead or faded leaves to encourage new growth.


And finally don’t forget to shred your Christmas tree and add it to the compost!