Preparing your garden for autumn


Autumn has well and truly arrived and the Summer seems to have come to a very abrupt end over the last week. With the leaves turning and the last of the summer crops dying back its time to prepare your garden for the colder and wetter months ahead. Here are our top ten things to do over the next month as autumn sets in.


  • Cover your garden furniture or store in a dry shed if possible. This will not only protect your furniture from winter weather, rot and high winds but it will prologue the life of your furniture and ensure less annual maintenance.
  • Protect young trees. Winter frosts can stunt grow and threaten young saplings, protect with specialised tape or coconut matting to ensure they are warm throughout the cold season.
  • Clear vegetable beds. As soon as your summer veg start withering its time to clear the beds to either prep for winter or let rest until the early spring. Don’t forget to add all plants to your compost.
  • Utilise this year’s compost. There should be some lovely rotted down compost to spread on beds to protect and nourish plants over winter.
  • Optimise greenhouse sunlight. As the sunny days get shorter and the sun less high in the sky your greenhouse will need as much sun as possible for the next 6 months. Trimming over hanging branches and bushes that block sunlight will help regulate and warm the greenhouse.
  • Check fencing. As we all know the occasional storm can wreck havoc in a garden and send fence panels flying, ensure yours are properly secured to avoid having to retrieve it from next doors garden.
  • Sow winter vegetables. Perfect for those soups and stews veggies like onions, garlic, spinach and early spring broad beans, or grow carrots and winter salad under cover.
  • Deadhead blooms. Plants such as roses, Dahlias and courgettes to ensure a healthier plant and stop rot getting in.
  • Dig up perennials. Most perennials have blooms have now flowered and are bringing to fade.
  • Sow grass seeds. Surprisingly the start of the autumn months is perfect for growing fresh grass as the soil is still warm from the summer yet damp from these wetter months.