The hills are alive with the sound of walking!

Spring has sprung and the days are getting longer which gives us the perfect excuse to go outside for a good old yomp in the countryside, seaside or wood.
The health benefits of filling our lungs with fresh air and the smells of wood,sea or grass are huge, and some Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” as the Japanese call it, can reduce stress, help with depression, make your brain work better, and even contribute towards preventing dementia.
Even a 30 minute walk can strengthen your heart, boost vitamin D levels and make you feel happier but if you are looking for something more serious to get you out and about why not try a walking holiday, group or guide?
Kernow Nordic are a group that encourage the social side of walking. Nordic walking is traditionally carried out with two ski like poles and celebrates the beautiful countryside with organised walking groups for all ages and abilities.
The Cornwall Rambling Association have a group for every walking novice or enthusiast including one for youngsters called kernow boots, REACT- an action team formed to clear paths and family groups for all to enjoy.
Explore in Cornwall is a guided walking company that gets you away from the tourist trails. Explore wildlife, ancient landscapes and hidden wonders with organised walks or why not hire a private guide?
Geo caching is a relatively new thing in the walking world but is guaranteed to get you exploring near and far for the hidden caches all over the countryside. Using its app and GPS you are guided along trails and tracks to find “caches” which contain a log book and often small items for trading hidden in various sized containers.
For something a little more out there there is Borrow My Dog a community of dog owners in need of some dog lovers to walk their beloved pet. What better excuse to get outside in the great outdoors!?