Gardens in Cornwall

NgJI66-LlU8sJ41FSuJF3R6tOfuG90rmfD80AJtXHooCornwall has lots to offer garden-lovers, with many spectacular gardens to be found here. The mild coastal climate means that Cornwall is bursting with impressive and beautiful gardens. These special conditions allow plants to thrive all year round, with many unusual and exotic tender species making their home here.

Bosvathick House in Constantine, near Falmouth, has a fine, traditional Cornish garden with colourful Camellias, Magnolias, Azaleas and Rhododendron. This recently renovated garden features a new orchard and some beautiful perennial flower borders and is a ‘work in progress’.  At 10 acres, this is a garden on a grand scale, perfect for taking a leisurely stroll and admiring all that nature has to offer. The gardens are open to visitors 11am-5pm every Thursday and Friday from March until the end of August.

Nearby Trebah Garden provides a dramatic contrast in planting style. This sub-tropical paradise set in a Cornish valley demonstrates the extraordinary exotic plants that will thrive in these unique conditions. Wander under the fronds of majestic tree ferns, experience the green twilight world of the Gunnera Passage, or marvel at the varieties of bamboos growing here, as you make your way down to the Helford River and Trebah’s own private beach.

Neighbouring Glendurgan Garden (National Trust), offers fun for all the family, with a laurel maze that will delight kids of all ages. In spring this garden is particularly stunning. First primroses and jewel-like violets, then later bluebells, carpet the sloping sides of the valley and make for a truly magical scene. Year-round there is plenty to keep garden-lovers happy, with many tender South African and New Zealand species making the most of the sheltered valley position.

At Forgotten Houses we have several self-catering holiday cottages close to Bosvathick – the perfect base for exploring these gardens and many more. We also have self-catering holiday properties across Cornwall, including in the Helford River and Falmouth areas.