Cornish Holiday Essentials

Cornwall is a wonderful place to holiday in any season, and as we head into autumn and winter a getaway with Forgotten Houses is the perfect cosy way to spend a week whatever the weather. Speaking of weather Cornwall is renowned for its somewhat tempermental precipitation; it can be sunny and warm on one coast and mizzly on the other. Mizzle being the Cornish term for drizzle.

As with any holiday the dilemma of what to pack always springs to mind when getting away from it all and a trip to Cornwall with Forgotten Houses is no exception. Here are our top Cornish Holiday essentials to help you along the way.

  • Pack for every weather. Cornwall can be warm but damp so layering is always the key especially on long walks.
  • Breathable Waterproofs. Ensure your waterproofs are breathable because it can often be mild yet very damp. If you are without a good coat visit Finisterre in St Agnes for a coat all the locals wear.
  • Good Walking Shoes. Even in the towns the cobbled streets are often uneven under foot. A good pair of walking shoes to traverse the quaint fishing villages, coastal paths and countryside walks are ideal.
  • Layered Clothing. Temperatures can vary widely throughout the day as the weather comes in from our seas. Layering clothes helps with warm and cold spells!
  • A Good Camera. Cornwall is simply stunning and there are endless photo opportunities. From a digital SLR to smart phone there are many ways to capture the moment, just don’t forget your batteries, SD card or charger.
  • Cosy Knitted Jumpers. Evenings in front of the fire or wood burner at a Forgotten Houses holiday home after a day’s exploring is the perfect night in to relax. Just don’t forget your cosy jumpers to make it even more enjoyable – a staple for  the Cornish!.
  • Sunglasses.Even in the mid winter the sun does shine brilliantly in Cornwall, and if you are by the sea or water the reflections can be glaring.
  • Wellies. An essential for countryside and coastline!