Christmas gifts you can make in no time!



Well it’s officially the countdown. The next 23 days see a flurry of activity and stress deciding what last minute present to purchase, wrapping everything in sight, stuffing it all underneath a heaving tree and knowing you will forgot to buy for atlest one person.

If your imagination has ceased about what to get that Auntie you only see once a year, the head teacher or the neighbours who you say hello to once a week then stress no more. We have a few suggestions for quick and easy presents you can whip up in no time, pop in a bag, tie with a bow and give to the nearest carol singer.

Homemade gifts are also a wonderful present to receive when so often Christmas is a time of giving things we don’t particularly want so here are a few suggestions based on the time it takes to make them – as we all know time is of a premium over the next 23 days!

5 minutes

Microwave Fudge

Simple put all the ingredients in a microwave pot and microwave for 3 minutes. Pour into a container and leave to set. Gift done!


15 minutes

Flavoured Oils

A very quick present using olive oil, a nice bottle or jar and any fresh herbs, chillies or garlic you may have! Here are a few suggestions for combinations of flavours.


30 minutes

Chocolate Bark

A wonderful quick gift if you have any chocolate in the house. Simply melt the chocolate, pour onto grease proof paper and adorn with chopped nuts, dried fruits or sweets! Here is a recipe to inspire you. We make peppermint ones every year with crushed candy canes!


45 minutes

Chocolate Truffles

A classic but always well received – these truffles are quick and easy!


1 hour


An Italian classic that keeps well – perfect for keeping over the Christmas period – if it lasts that long!


1 hour 30

Beetroot Chutney

A classic with cold cuts on boxingday this chutney will go down a treat!



2 hours

Gingerbread men

A Christmas classic and a welcome treat, you don’t have to stick to the traditional men, why not make gingerbread reigndeer or even a house! And don’t forget to decorate them!



2 hours 30

Christmas Chutney

A firm favourite at Christmas and wonderful to make on a Sunday afternoon. This chutney is unique and delicious although it never lasts past boxing day!