A Family Holiday for a Special Occasion


So what’s the ‘big’ deal?  Well, usually they have good sized rooms and sometimes a separate annexe area; very often the most amazing locations with good sized gardens; peace and privacy; possibly a bit of history or unusual architecture and maybe just the opportunity to visit an area of our beautiful country that you might not otherwise go to, as well as the obvious, being able to accommodate an extended family or large group.

If you go for a luxury house and many of the larger ones are, then all the finishing touches are there – the soft towels, the quality linen, and the interesting art work, opulent furnishings maybe and possibly even a pool or whirlpool.  What could be better? However, do you really want to self-cater for a family gathering?  Sometimes it’s the best way to cater for everyone’s various tastes but for those that don’t, or for those that want something just that extra bit special, there are companies that can do it all for you.  From full catering of your function to  a private cook for smaller, more intimate parties.

No need to worry about the dishes, most caterers will do all the clearing up, washing up and putting away, as well as having waiting staff thus making your special occasion as restful and relaxing as possible.

Afterwards you can then all go off and do whatever it is that you feel like and if the older ones want to stay in and read the papers while the younger ones go and explore the beach or go off for a country walk then that’s fine and everyone comes together later – after all whilst you may want to spend time with your family the generational variations in age may not make it possible for everyone to do everything together, it should be a relaxing break for all.

At first glance the cost of renting a large house might seem a lot but if you fill the house with the maximum number of people it caters for then it is surprising how little it can in fact cost, possibly as little as £25 per person per night depending on when you go, which quite frankly seems like a bargain!

Some larger houses are available for private weddings, if that is what your family occasion is, such as Yarner or Manorbier Castle, both available for booking as holiday accommodation through us here at Forgotten Houses

In Cornwall The Round Kitchen can cater for any occasion as well as MissTea, who offers holiday catering

In Devon The Devon Chef offers holiday cooking too

In Pembrokeshire The Four Cooks will cater for your holiday or party