Seasonal Spring Food



As the days get lighter, the rain less frequent and the evenings vaguely warmer we say goodbye to stews and hello to salads as the spring’s seasonal food works its way onto our dinner tables.

The heartiness of winter is replaced with the freshness of spring and with it comes a variety of ingredients to whip up tasty dishes with.

Local asparagus starts to appear in early May, along with the first shoals of salmon and garden peas.

Spring lamb is in full swing on menus with Cornish lamb being one of the tastiest around and widely available from local butchers and farms.

Spring also marks the official new potato season (although supermarkets tend to stock them nearly all year round) which go wonderfully with spinach, peas, watercress and spring greens; also coming into their optimum flavour over April and May.

There are some great places to enjoy  these seasonal produce and support the local economy, these include:

And for some spring cooking inspiration here are a few of our favourite seasonal recipes you could whip up whilst enjoying the countryside in one of our Forgotten Houses holiday homes.

Riverford Pea, mint and spring onion soup

Good Food Spring chicken in a pot

Good Food Roast salmon with peas, new potatoes and pancetta

Tesco hot cross bread and butter pudding